Confluence jira gadget

confluence jira gadget

In Confluence, subscribe to all your JIRA gadgets. Alternatively, you can add just this one gadget to Confluence's list of authorised external. Your Confluence administrator will need to add the JIRA gadget URL to the list of authorised external gadgets in Confluence. See the. The Confluence Gadget macro is a specific type of macro which is used to Your Confluence administrator will need to add the JIRA gadget URL to the list of.

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Alternatively, you can add just this one gadget to the JIRA gadget directory. Configuring Attachment Size Hierarchical File System Attachment Storage. For fruther details, please use the following link as your guide:. Allows you to monitor the progress of versions, view charts and access common GreenHopper pages. Global Groups Overview Adding or Removing Users in Groups Global Permissions Overview Setting Up Public Access.

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Yes No Thanks for your feedback! Changing the Look and Feel of Confluence Customising the Confluence Dashboard Changing the Site Logo Customising Colour Schemes Styling Confluence with CSS Basic Styling Tutorial Styling Fonts in Confluence. Powered by Confluence and Scroll Viewport. Working with Pages Blog Posts Using the Editor Using Symbols, Emoticons and Special Characters. Reverting from Crowd or JIRA to Internal User Management. Configuring Indexing Language Configuring Quick Navigation Content Index Administration Enabling OpenSearch Rebuilding the Ancestor Table Setting Up Confluence to Index External Sites Setting Up an External Search Tool to Index Confluence. Application version — The earliest version of the Atlassian application required to publish the gadget information. Office Connector Prerequisites Displaying Office Files in Confluence Importing a Word Document into Confluence Editing an Office Document from Confluence Editing an Office Spreadsheet from Confluence Editing an Office Presentation from Confluence Installing the Firefox Add-On for the Office Connector. Status Report - Example of Page Properties Report Macro Implementation Option A - Example Metadata Implementation Option B - Example Metadata Implementation Option C - Example Metadata Project ABC - Example Metadata Project DEF - Example Metadata. Linking to Comments Sample Page child page. Importing Pages from Disk. Child Page 1 Grandchild. You can use this gadget to display JIRA data within the online spielen ps4 kosten JIRA site. confluence jira gadget


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